National ParkRules

  • The closure of tourist and educational tracks in the National Park from 1 November until 15 June.
  • How to move off the tracks Movement of tourists in the National Park off the tourist and educational tracks

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Tatra National Park Tourist Guide

The National Park is the heritage of all mankind. Mount Krivan (2495m) is the national symbol of the Slovak people. Since 1993 the mountain range Tatras, together with the Polish part of the National Park, has been identified as natural, biospheric, reserve of UNESCO.

While enjoying your visit in the National Park, please help us to protect its natural beauty.

Information notice boards about the National Park serve you, the visitor - please do not damage them. In order to enjoy your visit please use marked hiking tracks, footpaths and cycling tracks as well as Tourist Information Centres. In order to protect the nature and to ensure your safety, hiking tracks in the mountains are not accessible to public between 1 November and 15 June. Enjoy your hiking in the daytime, between an hour after sunrise and hour before sunset.

Hiking away from marked tracks, under the supervision of experienced guides, is available between 16 June and 31 October. (paragraph 4, item 5 of the Visitor's Charter)

Picked flowers will wither, captive butterflies will die, chicks of an eagle could fall from their nest if disturbed. Therefore touch the nature by your heart only.

It is not permitted to camp or bivouac anywhere in the National Park. It is prohibited to light fires anywhere in the National Park other than in designated sites in tourists villages.

If you are enjoying your stay in the National Park with your pet dog then the dog should always be on a lead and muzzled. In specifically designated nature reserves dogs are not permitted to enter at all.

Peacefulness of nature is there for you to enjoy. It should not be polluted either by lights effects or loud music, or any other noises.

Please do not pollute the environment. Take your rubbish home with you. To avoid fires please refrain from smoking during dry periods.

Protect the underground beauty of the nature. Do not try to enter inaccessible caves and gullies.